01. Anna is a very [dynamic] teacher, and the students love her classes.
02. You should try to change the format of your presentation to be a bit more [dynamic].
03. James is just the sort of motivated, [dynamic] person we need on our sales team.
04. The [dynamic] economy of the U. S. is the envy of the world.
05. People in this generation need to be able to adapt to change quickly because of the [dynamic] nature of technological change in modern society.
06. Family [dynamics] in my culture have changed considerably over the last generation as women have begun to enter the workforce.
07. The presence of a woman on our management team appears to have made the [dynamic] of the group a little less confrontational.
08. The [dynamically] expanding high-tech industry has been fuelling the economy of this region for the past decade.
09. This company has a reputation for innovation and [dynamism] in the software development industry.
10. The economy of this country was very [dynamic] in the post-war period of the 1950s.
11. He's certainly an intelligent, thoughtful individual, but we need someone a little more [dynamic] to lead us into the next election.
12. Since World War Two, Japan has been able to reconstruct itself into one of the most [dynamic] economies in the world.
13. Evelyn Waugh once suggested that instead of this absurd division into sexes, they ought to class people as static and [dynamic].
14. Suzanne Langer once remarked that every artistic form reflects the [dynamism] that is constantly building up the life of feeling.
15. Kenneth Hildebrand once observed that strong lives are motivated by [dynamic] purposes.
16. John Locke once remarked, "That which is static and repetitive is boring. That which is [dynamic] and random is confusing. In between lies art."
17. Man's view of the earth and the [dynamics] of how it changes is seen by some scientists as one the most significant advances of our century.
18. The more than 500 active volcanoes on earth testify to the [dynamics] of our planet.
19. Our earth functions as a [dynamic] system on a scale which many may find difficult to grasp.
20. The earth is a [dynamic] planet which has been forever changing throughout time.
21. Bill is a very [dynamic] speaker; his presentations are always interesting and passionate.
22. I enjoy [dynamic] courses where the teacher is always introducing new ideas and activities.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.

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